Draftkings promo code

Draftkings promo code

Special promo offer from Draftkings for 2017 – 100% free all day, everyday fantasy sports games with $25 to $10 000 in prizes! No Draftkings promo code is necessary – a code won’t give you anything extra anyways, they are only a form of tracking which TV commercial you saw:), just sign up, start playing and win cash prizes for free – everyday!

Also – if you choose to play in the cash contest games and are depositing $5 or more you will get a free ticket for a paid game!

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Disclaimer and FTC disclosure: This website is no way affiliated with the NFL, NBA, MLB or any other league. All trade names, logos and marks belong to their respective owners. It is important to notice that when you use a link posted here to other sites we may earn a commission for our endorsement, recommendation or testimonial to products or services. With that being said   – You will never pay more if you use one of these links, guranteed! And in the case with Draftkings you will indeed get free stuff.

About Draftkings and their promo codes : if you see a promo code posted on another website you can simply ignore it – that site was not updated in 2017 and the code won’t get you anything extra. If you’ve seen a promo code in one of the now famous Draftkings TV commercials on ESPN – there is no need to bother and remember it. Draftkings is using these codes to measure how well a given commercial preforms so they can show it again. But the code itself will not get you any bonus or more free entries. The most up-to-date,  2017  offer is right here and there is no need of a Draftkings discount code at all, just make an account and play all your favorite daily fantasy sports like fantasy football, fantasy basketball or fantasy hockey.

Some might feel like since the fantasy football season is over there’s nothing going on at Draftkings. Wrong! Draftkings has daily games not only for the football fans but as well for baseball, fantasy golf, MMA  and other sports which are still going and going strong. Of course the biggest prize money pots and tournaments were through the football season but even now there’re plenty of big and small cash games and free contests available. The fun never stops at Draftkings and if you enjoy competing and winning, well everyday is a new day and a new challenge. That’s the beauty of Draftkings and the other fantasy sports sites – the “daily” element. You are NOT stuck for the whole season and can make changes at any time, draft a new team every day and play all kinds of different games for as little as $3 and as much as $10 000. And of course there’re the 100% free daily games in the Free Arcade!

If you are wondering what types of games are out there here’s the quick break down:

  • Tournaments – the most popular and with the biggest prizes. Here you compete against a ton of other players (usually thousands) for one of the top “money spots”. Since the competition is fierce and the odds are long – the rewards are big. In the tournament type of games you can win those famous $1 Million or even $2 Million top prizes if you get to be in first place. But the rest of the “money spots” are not too bad either – 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place usually win the 5 and 6 digits and about 10% of all teams get at least their money back.
  • 50/50 – in this type of games you need to finish in the 50% of all teams to win money. For example is if there are 100 teams, teams ranked 1 though 50 will double up their money (minus the Draftkings rake).
  • Head-to-head – it doesn’t get any simpler that this. Here you play one on one against just 1 other player in a fantasy sports of your choice and if you get more points than your competitor – you get paid!
  • Satellites – in these types of games you don’t win real cash but an entry into other, much bigger games. For example Draftkings has a Fantasy Baseball World Series game this year with a total of $4 Million in prizes. To get in you either have to pay a pretty big contest entry entry fee or win in one of the many much cheaper or absolutely free qualifying “satellite” games for an entry.

Draftkings promo code

draftkings promotion

Please have in mind this Draftkings offer in particular and playing in Draftkings.com in general is not allowed or available in each state. You must be at least 18 years (19 for  Alabama and Nebraska resident, 21 for Massachusetts)  of age to participate. Since the legality of DFS is a very “fluid” matter and it changes all the time you will need to check on their website if your state allows you to play for cash prize or the free contests.

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Draftkings promo code - get 1 free entry into a paid game with first deposit! Plus unlimited free entries in the freeroll games, everyday! No code required, just sign up and start playing
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